Deep inside❤️

This is the post excerpt.


Prayer within breath

Is silence.

Love within infinity

Is silence.

Wisdom without words

Is silence.

Compassion without aim

Is silence.

Action without doer

Is silence.

Smiling with all existence 

Is silence.

    Why close eyes when people with open eyes are blind?? 

Not everything you say is truth!

The truth lies beneath!

Speaking it out needs courage. And the day you gather enough courage to speak what you want to is the day you stand up for your own self and rule the world with open eyes!

A wet nose and wagging tail!🐶

Something amazing was coming my way!

     Well, I’ve always been obsessed with dogs and especially puppies and had no idea that I’ll own a pup one day!

    But, yes that was happening and it was not a dream.. You guys must be thinking about what is so fascinating in owning a dog! But only those who own one know the feeling! Am I right ?

    Wait… till now I was using a wrong term and I must use the word “parent” instead of an “owner”!

Yes I am a mother of my pup and to many more dogs out there (strays).

 My baby bolt (my pet’s name) is my partner, my friend, a defender and lastly my life!

  And I am his leader because the faith he shows in me can be seen nowhere than in a dogs eye!

I owe love to him to be worthy of such devotion.

 Well, it is not about living the life you love but about loving the life you live. This thought can be made applicable to humans but what about the dogs who literally get kicked from nowhere and almost everywhere?🙌🏻

   To the bunch of fools out there….

A person can be called a ‘so called lover’ but a dog can never be!

They give there EVERYTHING to you and expect a two time meal and a minute of pampering!

     My personal thinking agrees to this sentence that, “Those who teach Humanity, aren’t always Humans.”

   Some people do not understand why dogs mean so much to me but,



Since from when I’ve started loving dogs I have understood that Loyalty and Love are worth every dog hair! 
  My pup cannot read or write but can show love and care toward me by wagging his tail when I am around and licking my cheeks with affection and I am so grateful to have his presence! He is my CONSTANT in this chaotic world and not only him but the strays whom I call mine are somewhere the reason for my happiness too!


   Believe me Pets will love you more than they love themselves and this is something only a pet lover can understand but today I want to take this opportunity to let you people know,  

  • ‘what a pet does to you, no other     human can do!’

Take a look at my dearest!❤️        

Those Eyes- Magic

The Love- Infinity 

Him- Perfect. Just Perfect!

Love dogs and they will love you more than you love yourself!☺️

Hi! I am Bolt! I am a Doberman and moved to my human’s place 10 months back!🌸

My human loves me and I love to reciprocate!😁

  (Sorry but that’s how I wanted to conclude my blog😂).

The you that you want to change!🤚🏻


   Search for your soul,
   Why are you disappointed?

Move on… Show that you exist.. time waits for no one…. 

The beads around you are not your clothes,

Remove the fear and make it a weapon to fight for yourself!

Search for your soul 

Time is waiting for you to show your existence!


    Your holy character is your strength.. why do you let others misuse it?

The sinners have no right to test you and your body!

     Search for your soul… move on… even the time is searching for your existence…

    Burn to ashes the trap of this cruelty,

You are not the ‘Aarti’s flame’, You are the torch of the anger!

       Search for your soul…

Time is waiting for you to show your existence!

The earth will also make a cup of scared fly

    The cruelty speaks.. “If your chunar falls, an earthquake will occur”

    Search for your soul… move on… even the time is searching for your existence…

    According to the misconceptions usually followed by some parts of our so called society,

   Only a girl sitting in her house in a churidar and her face covered is worth appreciation!


    This is absolute crap!

 A girl wearing a burka also is raped in some minds … 

What about that?

    Smiling at someone doesn’t give them any invitation of thinking it’s an “available mark” stuck on our foreheads!


    A ‘NO’ is a no!

It is an exact sentence in itself!

No belongs to every human.

Know a No with respect!


    Respect every person around…

Respectfulness is a quality of refined consciousness!

Afterall at some point of time everyone realises that “KARMA HITS HARD”

To all those who think girls are not capable of anything, let’s show them What is power! 

There is no end to this topic but a few lines to conclude…


    Surrender to your mistakes now..

   Karma will be back!

    Apologies can be accepted..

   Praise the good..

   Keep faith..

   Speak the Truth..

   Perfection is nowhere..

   Generosity is necessary..

   Enlighten your mind with good thoughts..

   Death is natural, the creator will apply all the accounts and rank you. Remember silence belongs to infinity, So do you!😊